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Printing flexible packaging

Vandeweghe Flexo Printing has more than 133 years of experience in printing all types of flexible packaging. We consider each packaging to be unique and go to great lengths to deliver a quality product. Vandeweghe Flexo Printing consists of a team of 20 qualified and motivated pressmen who finish your projects with knowledge and expertise. We want to guarantee printing of the highest quality.


Our technique: flexo printing

Flexographic printing uses flexible printing forms; it is a flexible way of printing. It is a rotary letterpress printing technique which means that the image (which must be printed) is higher on the printing form. Flexographic printing is used on the most common packaging materials because it is an ideal technique for printing plastic and paper. Thin, quick-drying ink is also used. Another advantage is the price: the unit price is lower and large numbers can be produced quickly. Vandeweghe Flexo Printing specializes in creating packaging material for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tobacco products and non-food.


We listen to your wishes and needs

Vandeweghe Flexo Printing stands for quality, flexibility, personal service and unseen delivery times. We always put the customer first because your satisfaction is our motivation. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information. You can easily find our contact details on our contact page.