Every  packaging is unique and state something about the product, your packaging is unique and create a plus value for your product.

Our task is to help you to realise this plus-value by creating a suitable and personalised packaging.

NV Vandeweghe Flexo Printing has a with range of materials available such as aluminium laminates, different kinds of paper and coated films.
This allows us to provide to your needs in a very short time.

You can also contact us for printing, cutting or rewinding of your own material.


  • Lidding foil for blisters
  • Sachet laminates for powders and liquids

We print on all kind of materials such as:

  • Aluminium 20-25µ
  • Pet / Pe Peel
  • Cellophane
  • Pet / Pe / Alu / Surlyn
  • Pap / Pe / Alu / Pe
  • Pap / Pe / Alu / Surlyn
  • Pap / Pe
  • BOPP / CPP
  • Pe-films
  • Parchment
  • Kraft
  • Silk paper