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What do we offer?

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Artwork & pre-press

Artwork / design

You have an idea for your artwork or already have a developed design:

Vandeweghe Flexo Printing and its partners will guide you from concept to production of your artwork.


Your packaging artwork is ready, now what?

This is where the technical process starts where images and colours are correctly translated to the printing press specifications.

We provide support regarding the technical properties of the packaging, as well as tips and help for processing the films. We check how to optimally build the image, check the colours, and more. 

Print preparation ensures that the customer gets a clear picture of the finished product.

Through our partners, a digital mock-up of your final packaging can be created in-house

Thanks to our years of experience, you will not encounter any surprises. 

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Artwork & pre-press

Flexo printing


We print on virtually any type of substrate: plastic, metal foils, laminates with functional barriers, cellophane and paper.

Flexography, widely used in packaging printing, is a printing process that involves printing with a flexible embossed plate.

This process is a relief printing technique. It uses a rotary printing process where the substrate runs along the printing plates. The printing plates or clichés receive ink and print the substrate.

After all the images are properly aligned, the substrate runs along the printing plates at high speed. Layer by layer, the full image is formed. 

Flexo printing

Rewinding / cutting


Cutting, also known as slitting, is finishing or dividing a roll of packaging film to a different width. 

We cut as a separate service or as part of the finishing phase after printing.


Rewinding aims to:

  • adjust the roll unwinding
  • obtain a different core width
  • obtain a smaller diameter of the roll
  • ...

More information on cutting or rewinding? 

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Rewinding / cutting

Start-up On-site

You start up a new line or start working with a film with different technical specifications than you are normally used to?  Then things may have to be adjusted in the settings of the packaging line, for example, due to tension or thickness differences.

Vandeweghe Flexo Printing can assist you at start-up to set everything up correctly according to the technical properties of your flexible packaging.

Start-up On-site

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